Become a Member

Become a Member

Applications from companies and organizations agreeing with the purpose and activities of SCI-Japan will be granted membership subject to board review of the application documents.

SCI-Japan's Major Activities

  • Information sharing and awareness activities related to smart cities (large-scale forums, webinars, reports, columns, newsletters, etc.)
  • Activities in collaborative areas essential for promoting smart cities (policy recommendations)
    1. Development and promotion of the Liveable Well-Being City Index
    2. Development and provision of the City-Region MAP Program, a training programs for smart city promotion professionals
  • Support for networking among members (supporting individual matching, organizing social gatherings at events, hosting web salons, etc.)
  • Planning of overseas study tours and events
  • Educational activities for students (organizing events in collaboration with universities, etc.)

Membership Types / Membership Qualifications

Full Member A: Commercial enterprises
Full Member B: Commercial enterprises with a capitalization of below 100 million yen
Associate Member: Startups that are less than ten years old
*Recommendation by a Full or Associate member is required
Supporting Member: Local governments, universities, research institutions, not-for-profit organizations

Annual Membership Fee

Full member A: 1 million yen
Full member B: 300 thousand yen
*membership granted on a legal entity basis
Associate and Supporting Members: Free

Benefits of Joining Membership

Benefits of Joining Membership
  1. The membership term is from October to the following September. The annual fee for the first year in the case of mid-term registration is as follows:
    - October to December: 100% of annual fee
    - January to March: 75% of annual fee
    - April to June: 50% of annual fee
    - July or later: 25% of annual fee
    No complimentary invitations shall be granted to a Full Member A joining SCI-Japan after July.
  2. After submission of the application form, the applicant becomes an official member after review and approval by the Board of Directors.
  3. The requirements are as follows: 1) Being a startup company established within the last 10 years, and 2) Having a recommendation from a full member or supporting member. If the 10-year limit is exceeded after joining, the status of associate membership will be lost at the end of the membership term.
  4. The complimentary invitation benefits are valid for 5 years on a term basis. They expire when the member withdraws from the membership. The training expenses covered under the complimentary invitations do not include travel expenses, local accommodation and meal costs, and overseas travel insurance premiums.
  5. The complimentary invitation benefits are valid for 5 years on a term basis. They expire when the member withdraws from the membership. The number of invitation quotas depends on the training program.
    Please note that the complimentary invitation benefits apply to either the overseas program (*4) or the domestic program (*5), and only one can be chosen (equivalent to approximately 250,000 yen).
  6. The number of invitation quotas and other details will be announced prior to each event.
  7. There will be a screening by the SCI-Japan Secretariat for the theme and speakers.


Please click on the “Contact us” button below to email the SCI-Japan Secretariat for membership application and other inquiries. The Secretariat will provide an application form and the Terms of Conditions of Membership upon request.